Monday, January 25, 2010

Ornament punch art

I have a black room divider that is actually 12 - 8x10 picture frames.  I have been doing some paper crafts to fill the frames.  I also have this punch from SU that is in the shape of a Christmas Ornament. I got this stamp set for Valentine's and it had these cute little fishy kissing.  So I thought why not make some fish.  So I made these fish and they are so dang cute I just had to post them.  After I came up with the idea of making fish from this punch I saw some posted on the new SU connections website.  There are some differences, but I guess great minds think alike.  I did use the 3 heart punch for the fins and the lips.  I also used the large heart punch for the big heart.  I think it turned out cute.While I was on the SU website I saw a post from Pat Richardson for making a Cardinal out of the same ornament punch.  Since Liberty High's mascot is the Blue Jays, I thought of changing out the colors and making Blue Jays instead.  I have included pictures, if you want more directions or if you want to get together to make these fabulous crafts contact me.

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